We interact regularly with the following organizations to share professional contacts, project referrals, research, experience, and ideas.  These exchanges are crucial to our growth, development, and success.


The Arava Institute is a leading environmental and academic institution in the Middle East, working to advance cross-border environmental cooperation in the face of political conflict.  The Track II Environmental Forum enables key civil society organizations and individuals who represent both state and non-state actors to meet in a safe space.   In this environment, they can discuss, negotiate and develop practical cross-border strategies to facilitate formal and informal environmental agreements between the countries.

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The Happiness Alliance is helping to improve the well-being of society by reducing emphasis on economic growth and focusing on the domains that lead to life satisfaction, resilience and sustainability.  They provide tools, resources and knowledge to transform our society, government and economy.



Meow Wolf is an arts collective based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico established in 2008. The group is composed of more than 100 artists across several disciplines.  Meow Wolf has worked on projects that challenge current concepts of art and arts-based communities. They have completed temporary installation projects in Albuquerque, Chicago, Boulder, New York, San Antonio, Santa Fe and more.  Meow Wolf’s non-profit education initiative, CHIMERA, fills a critical gap for youth education, offering innovative arts training and opportunities for kids from all backgrounds to develop job-ready digital skills.

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Pull Together Now is a social profit organization defined by members of the Intercontinental Delegation of Indigenous Peoples.  Pull Together Now collaborates with the Original Peoples.  They share their knowledge and cultivate transformative intergenerational solutions by applying Indigenous practices to our transboundary challenges.

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The Rio Puerco Alliance mission is to restore the Rio Puerco watershed for present and future generations through outreach, education, and collaborative action.  They focus on environmental restoration through outreach, education, and collaborative action.

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The STEMarts Lab  designs and coordinates innovative sci-art installations and workshops as part of school programming, art and science festivals, events and museums.  Students experiment and create work that then becomes part of a real-world event.

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