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Desert Climb

Regenerating Ancient Water: 
A green infrastructure pilot project in Gharyan, Libya

CED is helping to facilitate this project, a global partnership between community members and officials of Gharyan, the Rio Puerco Alliance, Engineers Without Borders, permaculture and erosion control experts to apply scalable watershed restoration, community outreach, and stormwater and graywater harvesting techniques to improve water retention and ecosystem health. This innovative project will bring specialties and restoration techniques together from across the globe, for landscapes and communities that share climatological, geologic, and more unifying factors!

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Reviving an oasis and harvesting water on an individual and community scale, through traditional, innovative natural solutions in water retention and erosion control

Vision & CED's Role

Dry and erosive landscapes around the pilot project area of Gharyan show the need for targeted erosion control: techniques which when employed and paired with widespread education and awareness programming, will lead to sustainable and widespread practice of water harvesting and retention in communities across the country.

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