THE adjacent possible Workshop

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth while the 'experts'

find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists." 

- Eric Hoffer


From November 9th to the 12th, 2021, The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is offering a virtual workshop emerging from collaboration with the Integrative Peacebuilding Network in Ottawa, Canada. The workshop consists of 4 1/2 days of mini-lectures and participatory exercises, where participants learn to lead conversations that result in emergent systemic strategies for dealing with climate change. Founder and Executive Director Dr. Merle Lefkoff will be the lead facilitator.  


Facilitating Breakthrough Strategies to Address the Global Climate Crisis 

Climate change is a near-to-midterm existential threat to human civilizations if global warming and species extinction continue to accelerate.  We are stuck in old conversations and problem-solving processes that no longer work for the present unprecedented challenges of how we shall live peacefully and sustainability on the altered planet of the present and unknown future. This course invites heads of civil society organizations, policy-makers, national security experts, and emerging community leaders, to learn how to facilitate a breakthrough group process for resilience and adaptation, based on the principles of Complex Adaptive Systems theory and practice.

The  concept of “the adjacent possible” (TAP), waiting in the shadows to be discovered, opens the door to a problem-solving methodology for addressing issues such as the fight for control of shipping lanes in the melting Arctic, and the consequences for international stability from mass migration due to drought, fire and flooding.  We also look at the climate crisis as a “threat multiplier”, driving up the possibility of nuclear war resulting from a new global arms race tied to climatic events.

After this workshop, participants will:

Understand basic principles underlying Complex Adaptive Systems theory and practice


Learn how to facilitate the TAP group process


Expand their knowledge of the major risks of climate catastrophe

Recognize the difference between systemic interventions and band-aid solutions

Internalize hope for the possibility of a flourishing future for all species living on Earth

This workshop is hosted by the University of Ottawa, Canada. For registration details and pricing, please follow this link. Please note that the cost is listed in Canadian dollars. 

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