Center for Emergent Diplomacy

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is a social-profit think tank exploring radical problem-solving processes from the frontier of complexity science and practice. Through training, facilitation and convening, we create new strategies for direct actions that lead to a more just and resilient future. 

Using unique problem solving processes drawn from a synthesis of Native and Western Complexity Science, we convene and facilitate groups of thought leaders and activists from all sectors of society in support of collective action to create systemic change.  With a focus on preparing to live in the unknown future on an altered planet, our projects, workshops, and conferences weave together cutting-edge ideas and campaigns to create collaborative global impact.

​Our multidisciplinary and holistic approach to complex systems, as seen in our past and ongoing work, provides an understanding of patterns of relationships, how complex social systems self-organize, how they are sustained, and how innovative outcomes and “adjacent solutions” emerge.  This approach allows us to think like an ecosystem as we plan to revolutionize our existing systems.  It releases us from the paralysis of complexity, and reveals a path forward.

Our social systems, and the natural systems of which we are a part, are undergoing accelerated change, and in many cases are disintegrating.  We embrace psychologist Dorothy Stoneman's challenge:

"It is imperative that we select as our goals the most far-reaching, deep, uplifting, revolutionary goals that will produce the most universal benefits for humanity, the planet Earth and the universe.

There is no point in choosing partial goals, because we will limit our success

precisely to the extent that we limit our goals."

​The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is a 501(c)(3).  Supporters of our work are social investors who seek and expect a return on their efforts in the form of an increase in the common good.