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Deep Dialogue: The Adjacent Possible Process

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy (CED) is building a team of practitioners to implement a multi-year global project to help solve the problem of how to live with the advancing threat of climate catastrophe.


This is a “train-the-facilitator” program, which includes the development of a transdisciplinary curriculum in the form of a “Playbook” (or guidebook/manual), along with a series of online interactive webinars and in-person training in a newly-designed deep dialogue process. 

Using principles from complex systems science and Indigenous ways of being in the world, the intent of the training is to enhance facilitator skills in order to lead transformational dialogue processes that shift individual and collective consciousness around the world in order to live fully on an altered planet.

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy has been testing this novel dialogue methodology successfully on the issue of deep uncertainty about our human future, allowing participants to reach beyond the ideas we normally “think” of when getting stuck trying to solve a wicked problem.

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