Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a working group of people who come from a variety of disciplines, and offer diverse voices with unparalleled experience and vision. 

Merle Lefkoff - Founder & Executive Director

Merle is a social change entrepreneur whose practice is devoted to the application of nonlinear complex systems thinking to whole system change.  Merle holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Emory University and has been a mediator, facilitator, and leadership trainer in conflict zones around the world. Merle received a research appointment as Guest Scientist and Affiliate of the Center for Nonlinear Studies, where she worked on computer simulations exploring how groups form collective identity. Merle led the planning group of NGO leaders at the United Nations launch of the Gross National Happiness index. Merle is a member of the Integrative Peacebuilding Network at the University of Ottowa, and a member of the Global Advisory Board of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network begun at Columbia University.  In 2012, Merle was elected a Lindisfarne Fellow.

Marilyn Winter-Tamkin, Board Chair

Marilyn is a psychotherapist, group facilitator and trainer, and long time community activist.  Over the years, she has worked with and served in various capacities on the boards of organizations that promote social, economic and environmental health through education, community empowerment programs, and activism. She is drawn to the unique approach and potential innovation that the Center for Emergent Diplomacy embodies and facilitates. Additionally, Marilyn has co-founded two non-profit organizations including the Santa Fe Alliance which focused on the importance of local economies, as well as several for-profit businesses including an award winning construction company that specializes in energy efficient, low maintenance homes in Colorado, USA.

Barbara Johnson - Treasurer

Barbara is a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico and has worked on watershed restoration projects in the Rio Puerco watershed. She has helped to restore the Rio Puerco through education, outreach, and collaborative actions. She was co-founder of the Quivira Coalition, is a former Trustee of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, and is a current Board member of Los Amigos de Valles Caldera.  She has served on the BLM and Collaborative Forest Restoration Program, the Governor’s the Blue Ribbon Water Task Force, the Governor’s Our Future Task Force, and the Governor’s Agriculture Transition Team.  She has spent her environmental career working to bring diverse groups (ranchers, indigenous peoples, environmentalists, etc.) together to work on issues of common concern. 

Joy E. Stocke - Director

Joy is founder and Editor in Chief of the international online magazine Wild River Review whose mission is to "connect people, places, and ideas, story by story".  Her books include The Cave of the Bear, a bilingual book of poems in Greek and in English, and Anatolian Days & Nights: A Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses & Saints based on more than ten years of travel to all of Turkey’s borders. An experienced editor, Joy works with clients from around the world to bring their ideas and stories into cohesive narratives. Joy received her Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She participated in the Lindisfarne Symposium on The Evolution of Consciousness with cultural philosopher, poet and historian, William Irwin Thompson and became a Lindisfarne Fellow in 2009.  Joy is President of the Board of Directors at the Cabo Pulmo Learning Center in Mexico, and a member of the Turkish Women’s International Network.

Nicole Neidhardt - Director

Nicole is an artist and indigenous rights activist of Navajo, American, Canadian, Scottish, German, and French decent. She has a BFA from University of Victoria, Canada.  Nicole uses art as a doorway into Navajo culture and a way to translate Navajo identity into contemporary reality.  Through her work she re-remembers traditional Navajo weaving patterns, storytelling, and Navajo histories.  Nicole's work celebrates the unique beauty found in the Navajo culture and in doing so, illustrates the diversity found among Native American and Aboriginal people.  She works closely with her father, Joe Neidhardt, on climate change project, Envision the Big Picture,  and shows her work regularly at the world renowned Santa Fe Indian Market.

Lisa R. Smith - Secretary

Lisa founded Pull Together Now, a social profit organization dedicated to the well-being of all people through transboundary collaboration. Guided by its Indigenous partners, Pull Together Now is transcending religious, social, ethnic and political barriers to nurture a relational worldview and promote the intergenerational solutions required to thrive in harmony with each other and Mother Earth.  Lisa and husband Mark reside along the Blackfoot River near Lincoln, Montana; they have a grown son and daughter and four grandchildren.

Monique Newton - Director

Monique is committed to transformative action in the world. Whether working with her colleagues in the NGO sector or as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, or through volunteering, how we move forward and grow as human beings is a great interest and passion for Monique. For 20 years, Monique has contributed to the nonprofit and NGO sector, including at Imagine Canada, where she worked on capacity and accountability issues, and currently at the World Wildlife Fund. She has a Masters in Public Administration from Queen's University. In 2017, Monique completed the pilot of the innovative Integrative Peacebuilding Project at Saint Paul University and has completed her Mediation training with the Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution.

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