Center for Emergent Diplomacy

Living in the adjacent possible, flourishing in the emerging future

Dr. Merle Lefkoff will be offering a course on Climate Change through the University of Ottawa's Professional Development Institute, emphasizing skills for facilitating community and organizational meetings directed toward coping with the climate emergency. The course will take place from January 25th - January 28th.  A primary focus of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, Dr. Lefkoff and her colleagues have been developing and testing a radically new facilitated dialogue model based on the metaphor of the "adjacent possible", using Complexity science and Indigenous wisdom to search the near future for unknown solutions as yet undiscovered. Actionable strategies for helping humans and nonhuman species survive in the near future on an altered planet can emerge quickly with skilled facilitation leading a novel opportunity for systems-level transdisciplinary conversation across many domains.

Space is limited. Click here to register today!

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is dedicated to applying the science of complexity to the art of diplomacy and generative dialogue: meeting the

challenges of the climate catastrophe that is now upon us. 

We offer a unique problem-solving toolbox of group processes designed to open our thinking to adjacent possible solutions that are hiding just out of sight, and help us survive and flourish in the emerging future.

We apply the self-organizing power of Complex Adaptive Systems thinking to enable a shift in collective consciousness that allows us to return to Nature, and to remember our interdependency with each other and the natural world.