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Lars Larsson

Guest Speaker - Fall 2017

Lars will take us on a fascinating journey through time and across the planet and discuss the intersectionality between economics, war, climate, indigenous knowledge, and other chapters of our human history. Our group will then have an opportunity to dialogue about our global future. 


Lars Larsson was raised in the Dalecarlia region of Northern Sweden where the local culture and lifestyle imprinted him profoundly, and gave him insights about our connection with nature.  Lars has always possessed a love of history and what he calls “ancient knowledge”.  His personal favorite era is the Viking age.  His passions lead him on remarkable journeys in his native Sweden, and with indigenous peoples and leaders all over the world.  He has developed a broad perspective and profound understanding of the challenges we face in the world today.  His world view intertwines history in time and space with contemporary resources and the economy.


Lars is an engineer, inventor, and researcher of sustainable traditions.  He builds advanced automation technology with system designs that are focused on low energy consumption, and maximum sustainability.   He also serves as an advisor and facts controller for the film production industry, both in Sweden and the US.  Lars is currently working with Indigenous Elder and Faithkeeper Oren Lyons on a TV series about the history of the world’s indigenous peoples.  The TV series will give special attention to the papal authorization granted to the conquistadors over 500 years ago for the systematic genocide of Indigenous peoples. Known as The Doctrine of Discovery, it is surprisingly still in force today.


Together with Swedish environmental journalist, film and television producer, and author Annika Dopping, Lars has recently formed an NGO called Timeless Knowledge.  The organization has the goal of sharing collected knowledge with the world and the message that in order to live sustainably, we must follow the timeless laws of nature.  The skilled team at Timeless Knowledge creates innovative projects in Sweden, Africa, and India along with some tests in the US.  Lars is currently in discussions Dalai Lama in Dharamsala to build a Timeless Knowledge school in India.

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