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The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is hosting the E-MERGENOW 2019 Gathering - a planetary-scale event addressing our complex planetary-scale crises.


A new generation of activists including young indigenous leaders, public intellectuals, and policy makers are making sustainable change across global political, economic, and environmental systems.  They have demonstrated their ability to inspire others with bold new ideas and brave protest.  Many are unheralded, and now is the time for these dynamic agents of change to meet each other and turn their successes into an international mass movement.  E-MERGENOW 2019 is the first of a series of events that provides them that opportunity.

Using unique group processes combining native and western practice, the Center for Emergent Diplomacy will offer E-MERGENOW 2019 delegates the chance to:

  • Meet face-to-face and to understand how their experiences intersect

  • Develop an aligned and coherent vision for global systemic change

  • Explore new forms of social organization, direct action, and mass mobilization

  • Scale up actions that have already proven successful

  • Create and extend alliances that increase political and social pressures within their areas of influence

  • Maintain alliances as delegates bring ideas to action and increase capacity for building a compassionate and just world


We offer an organizing team with decades of experience in international peace building and effective collaborations around the globe. Our unique expertise is in the application of the science of Complexity to the art of diplomacy.  Combined with Native science, we offer a trans-disciplinary and holistic approach to understanding complex systems, both ecological and social.

We invite you to participate in E-MERGENOW 2019 to help ensure that the important work of courageous activists continues to move forward to create systemic change for a livable planet and a peaceful and just world.

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