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Our human species is in trouble.  Trouble we’ve brought on ourselves.  We have over-populated our planetary home.  We have ruined the nature that sustains us.  We have abandoned the politics of democracy.  We have become so unequal that poverty often leads to criminal activity.  Social media, intended to better connect us, instead often saps our time and energy and amplifies the divisions among us. To keep the peace, we turn to huge state military machines, some with nuclear weapons that can annihilate us all.

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy has been invited to collaborate with the Timeless Knowledge School, developed by a Swedish team in partnership with the Dharamshala community of exiled Tibetans.  The school is a community project that has been training Tibetan teachers to teach the skills necessary for resilience and survival.  Our Center has been invited to co-develop a Peacebuilding curriculum that will counter the dominant narrative of endless war.

As it expands, the Center’s education project will offer hope for a more peaceful future for the exiled Tibetans in India, as well as communities throughout the world on the front lines of global warming and forced immigration, where chaos and violence may arise.  Our new experiential Peacebuilding curriculum will offer a radically different model of successful communal coexistence through a combination of Indigenous and Western approaches to coexistence and gentle action that assures peace in the unknowable, anguished, but hopeful future.

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