What if...

What if a negotiation process started quietly, behind the scenes, and asked participants to put aside the dead ends of the past to envision a future uncontaminated by historic deadlocks?

What if high-level policymakers from a variety of disciplines shared their visions and ideas, and together they created new solutions to intractable problems.

What if traditional agendas were abandoned, allowing generative dialogue to find its own destination?

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is an action research network of social innovators. We apply the self-organizing power of Complexity Science to global policy agendas in order to reach resilient agreements that solve pressing problems. The work of the Center is to lead past stalemated negotiations, and to facilitate the space for new ideas and potential solutions to emerge.

The power politics of the past have been discredited and do not make sense in a new century of complex global dynamics. The world is more uncertain, volatile, and inter-connected than ever before. Only nonlinear thinking and process can close the complexity gap and allow new perspectives and ideas to emerge.

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy offers a twenty-first century toolbox of unique collaborative processes for navigating the complex global realities we face.