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The Center for Emergent Diplomacy is an action research network of social innovators who facilitate the space for new ideas and potential solutions to emerge.

We offer a twenty-first century toolbox of unique group processes designed to help understand the complex global issues we face. These processes help us find real solutions to difficult problems.

We apply the self-organizing power of Complexity Science to reach resilient and collaborative agreements that address global climate change, increasing inequality, corrupt governance systems, endless war and other critical issues of our time.



An international summit coordinating a global movement that will push worldwide economic reform to the forefront of the global political agenda with the intent of creating a more just and sustainable world.

A series of back-channel nuclear non-proliferation meetings 1st held in 2012. Welcoming delegates from Iran, Israel, the Korean Peninsula, policy think tanks, and among others.

Growing a network of Israeli and Palestinian young people to craft and share and disseminate stories about a future Middle East that will operate under new rules of peace and prosperity.

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy, in partnership with the City of Santa Fe, NM, USA, provided leadership, tools and project management to facilitate Santa Fe becoming a Happiness City.



 Center for Emergent Diplomacy President, Dr. Merle Lefkoff, talks about "Rethinking global success" at TED x ABQ.