The TAP Dialogue Project

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy (CED) is building a team of practitioners to co-create and implement a multi-year global project called the adjacent possible "TAP" project. This is a “train-the-facilitator” program, which includes the development of a transdisciplinary curriculum in the form of a “Playbook” (or guidebook/manual), along with a series of online interactive webinars and in-person training. 

The project is directed toward leading community and policy based dialogues to help guide participants worried about how to survive and live on an altered planet due to rapidly advancing climate change. TAP offers a transformational dialogue process to shift individual and collective consciousness, based on principles borrowed from complex systems science and Indigenous ways of being in the world.

The TAP Methodology

The Center for Emergent Diplomacy has been testing a problem-solving TAP methodology that allows us to reach beyond the ideas we normally “think” of. We enter into a generative dialogue space where the “adjacent possible” solutions (also known as alternative possibilities) can be discovered.